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Propargyl Alcohol

Country of Origin: China
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  • Propargyl Alcohol
  • 1,4-butynediol (liquid, 55% content)
  • 1,4-butynediol (solid, 98% content)
  • 1,4-butenediol (98% content).

Propargyl Alcohol
Molecular formula : C3H4O
Structural formula: HC=CŚCH2OH
Molecular weight : 56.05
Technical index: (purityŚchromatogram,moistureŚ Chemical analysis)

Index name


 Ttransparent liquid


 APHA30 & below


 99 & above


 0.5 & below


 0.3 & below

Transparent liquid with irritating odour, it is a toxic matter, boiling point 112.3 C, specific gravity 0.948

Packing & storage:
180 kg in galvanizing pail. Store in cool dry airiness place, away from fire.

You should wear latex sleeve when you touch this product, avoid poisoning and fire. If contact occurs, wash it out immediately.

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