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Sodium Percarbonate

Country of Origin: China
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Sodium Percarbonate
(Sodium Carbonate Superoxide, also known as Solid Hydrogen Peroxide)

Company Profile

Supplier specializes in manufacturing Sodium Percarbonate and the oxygen bleaching series. Company owns superior technology and whole set of production facilities as well as all kinds of advanced instruments used in inspection. Currently the annual output reaches 20,000 tons, but it will grow to 40,000MT to the end of October. Supplier is the one of the oxygen-bleaching manufactures with largest production scale, best quality and most completed production facilities.
Supplier passed Authentication of ISO9001 Quality Management System in 2000 and one of the best of oxygen-bleaching manufacturers that guarantees superior products quality. Supplier is acknowledged and trusted by international and domestic customers for the best quality, price and service.
Products fully meet the market demand worldwide.

Product Information

Sodium Percarbonate (Sodium Carbonate Superoxide) is also well known as Solid Hydrogen Peroxide . It is an addition of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.This granular product provides a stable source of alkaline hydrogen peroxide which is environmentally friendly and easy to use. It provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal, deodorizing and disinfecting capabilities.

Sodium Percarbonate is used as the raw material for washing powders with little or no phosphor, as potching agent and reductive chromogenic agent in textile industry, as well as in other applications.Our Sodium Percarbonate with high stability has a wide range of applications including use in heavy duty laundry detergents, all fabric bleaches, wooden furniture polish & cleaners and personal care formulations.
The product not only has washing and bleaching function, but also has brighting and sterilizing functions.When it is used in the production of synthetic detergent, the performance of detergent will be visibly increased. It can be used as textile bleaching agent and dyestuff color developing agent, oral cleaning agent and disinfectant for hospitals. Also, this chemical can be used to remove hard filth in electroplating industry as well as fresh-keeping for fruits and oxygen-generating for ponds.


Standard Type

Item Specifications
Effective Active Oxygen: 13.5%
Appearance: White flowing granule
Iron Content: 20PPm
Apparent Density: 800-1050g/l
Active Water: 2.0%
3% Aqueous Solution Ph Value: 10-11
Granule Diameter: 1.0mm
Packing: 25kg (woven bag lined and filmed)

Price (indication only): US$ 428/MT FOB Shanghai

Coated Type

Item Specifications
Effective Active Oxygen: 12.5%
Appearance: White flowing granule
Wet Stability: 55.0%
Iron Content: 20ppm
Apparent Density: 800-1150g/1
Active Water: 1.0%
3% Aqueous Solution Ph Value: 10-11
Packing: plastic knitted bags with pp inner bags 25 Kg net

Price (indication only): USD443/MT FOB Shanghai

Payment: L/C at sight, T/T
Capacity: 20,000MT/year (will be 40.000MT at the end of October)
Delivery: 20' FCL

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