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Country of Origin: Singapore
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Main Products
(Detailed product information is available on request. For more information on Strawberry and Vanilla flavors visit our specialised Websites at and

  • Butter Flavour 4001 MF
  • Butter Vanilla 1047-01
  • Chocolate Flavour 1251-2
  • Chocolate Flavour E7525
  • Chocolate Dark 0970
  • Chocolate Powder 5225
  • Cocoa Powder Substitute 5053 (NEW!)
  • Coffee Mocca 4001F
  • Condensed Milk Powder Flavour 2012
  • Condensed Milk 12502
  • Condensed Milk 1076
  • Coconut Cream Powder 5051NNI
  • Ethyl Vanillin Powder Flavour 1055
  • Lemon-Lime 2231 - Natural
  • Lemon Flavour 1070-WS
  • Light Soy Sauce KK500
  • Light Soy Sauce Flavour H1000
  • Light Soy Sauce Flavour H1000/7525
  • Non-Dairy Condensed Milk 3515 (NEW!)
  • Orange 1010NA (Non- -Alcoholic)
  • Orange Juicy J3254
  • Oralmint Flavour Oil EC3215 / EC3315
  • Oralmint Flavour Oil EA5320 / EA433
  • Peppermint Oil / Flavour 6931
  • Peppermint Oil 7536
  • Peppermint Oil 5315
  • Pandan 2001
  • Rum Flavour 2526
  • Strawberry Flavour P4001
  • Strawberry Ripe 4668NA
  • Strawberry Fresh 1229NA-WS
  • Sweetening Agent 3000
  • Vanilla Cream 5001
  • Vanilla Extract Flavour 1047
  • Vanilla Extract Natural Single Fold 0100
  • Vanilla Cream Powder Flavour 1050
  • Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour 1030
  • Vanilla Extract Powder Natural 1068
  • Vanilla Powder Flavour 1005N Extra (NEW!)
  • Vanilla Powder Flavour 1025N Extra (NEW!)
  • VK Creamer 3510· (NEW!)
  • White Gourd Flavour 3049

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New Flavours

Complete range of vanilla powders with the best sellers such as Vanilla Powder 1005, 1025, 1022, 1040, Ethyl Vanillin Powder 1015, 1055 and Vanillin Powder VS100 which is a replacement for Vanillin. It gives a fuller and sweeter flavour profile because it is a compounded flavour compare to the single chemical vanillin.
Vanilla Extract Powder 1030 contains natural Vanilla oleoresin. Therefore, it imparts a superior taste profile. It is an ideal flavour for premium ice-cream, vanilla cookies and chocolate products.

Comprehensive Range of Products
(Value for money flavour range - in terms of application / dosage)
  • Comprehensive range of sweet and beverage flavours - 500 flavours available ex-stock
  • Chocolate and Coffee specialties
  • Complete range of citrus and essence oils including water-soluble juicy orange essence for orange juice and beverage juices.
  • 3 - in - 1 flavour - flavour, colour & acid for desserts, yoghurt, ice creams, ect.,
  • Complete range of colour liquids and powders
  • Unique range of meat flavours - suitable for vegetarian products.
  • The originator of Pandan flavour which is one of our all time best seller.
  • Peppermint, Spearmint Oil & Compounded specialties including L-Menthol Crystal
  • Extensive range of tropical fruit flavours
  • Vanilla Powder and Ethyl Vanillin specialties FCL 20' - 10 pallets x 1012.5 kg = 10125 kg.
  • Vanilla Extract Powder Natural
  • Natural Vanilla Extract single fold, 5 fold & 10 fold.
  • Vanilla Cream speciality - Improves the dairyness in ice-cream besides a full vanilla flavour.
  • Concentrated aroma substitutes - EMS 300, MLS 300, FLS 300, ATS 300, SFS 100
  • Wide range of concentrated flavours and heartbases available.
  • Comprehensive range of fragrances for all applications.
  • Sandalwood oils and compounded specialties.
  • Aroma chemicals - complete range of esters, lactones, etc. 500 available from own compounding range.
  • Specialites like Pyrazines and Thiazoles and Sulphur compounds.
  • Complete range of Caramel specialties for soy sauce, beverage and alcoholic drinks.
  • Complete range of Soy Sauce specialities - Premium Dark Gold made by traditional method. Low salt Dark and Light Soy Sauces for consumer and institution from 250gm pack to IBC container (1.1 ton).
  • Light and Dark Soy Sauce concentrates - specialities light and dark soy sauce concentrated flavour boosters.

Natural Soya Sauce

Natural Flavour Dark soya sauce , which is the result of natural non enzymatic browning of light Soya Sauce after 2-3 months exposure to strong sun light. The resulting dark Soya Sauce is thick viscous and really meaty in flavour and aroma. This final dark soya sauce is our special ingredient in our vegetarian meat flavours.

SGS Certificates
Dark Gold has all the nutritious amino acid from the Natural degradation of protein as the independent "SGS" certificate of analysis shows in details.

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