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The increasing popularity of the Fine Chem Trading (ChemFinder – UK) website leads to more and more chemical companies sending us enquiries regarding the advertising possibilities on our Websites. Until recently we were not providing such a facility and were mostly concentrating on our own marketing campaigns. But after the thorough analysis of our visitors base we decided to provide a limited advertising space for other companies to benefit from our extensive market presence.

Advertising with ChemFinder-UK will give you the exposure of your products and services to the most advanced sections of chemical market. Unlike many other advertising companies we do not work in providing large number of unrelated visitors that are simply redirected to your website just for creating an impression of high exposure. All our traffic is highly relevant to the chemical market and represents the actual decision-making people you want your advert to reach. ChemFinder-UK enjoys probably the highest rate of “bookmarking” (e.g. when visitor adds our website to their “Favorites”) in the industry which is at the moment at around 30% of total visitors. It means that one third of the companies are returning to our website on the regular basis.

We are planning to offer the following advertising services:

Links and banners on our main page.
Links and banners on our product pages
Links and banners on our specialized websites (see extended product information pages)

All adverts are on a flat-fee and not on pay per click or any other similar basis. Please also note that apart from our existing extra websites we have a number of new developments in progress including, and some others.

Price depends on the position, contract duration, etc. so please contact us with your requirements on Places are limited.

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